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Data Analytics and Mining

Rhomisoft data analytics and mining starts from identifying objectives and critical success factors through to dashboards for easy decision making.

We systematically gather, record, tabulate and present relevant data for the purpose of finding anomalies, patterns and correlations within large data sets to predict outcomes. With the aid of the right data, an organization can make use of a broad range of techniques to increase revenue, cut cost, improve customer relationship, and reduce risk amongst others.

The usefulness of data mining has increase in recent time. As a matter of fact, the recent explosion in large-scale high-resolution data enables managers to ask and answer questions regarding businesses and consumers at a whole new level. Business owners are faced with data about businesses and consumers that are growing faster than they can be utilized. Data mining enables businesses to extract useful consumer behavior and preferences from seemingly tremendous and unorganized data, which then can be utilized for data-driven decision-making and competitive advantage.

Rhomisoft offers varieties of services within the scope of the data mining and analytics industry in Ghana and across our borders. 

Data collection

 We collect data via mobile, web and android.

Data aggregation

 We gather all information from various data sources and express it in a summarized and well structured form for further statistics and analysis.

Data analysis

We retrieving your data from various sources and then analyzing it with the goal of discovering insights for your business.