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With clients in fifteen countries and across four continents, our accounting and financial experts have been in the business of supporting smaller and middle-income economies, entrepreneurs, and executives for over two decades. We are Africa’s fastest-growing CFO outsourcing firm with experience in project-based finance, business valuation, fundraising advisory, business restructuring, investment analysis, start-up feasibility studies, merchant acquisition, business restructuring, etc.

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, with a satellite office in Kano Nigeria, ECF Consultancy represents business pioneers and strategists from diverse sectors. Our sector-specific practice areas can be found here or under ‘Services”. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customise our support to our clients’ specific needs and demands thus creating value they expect and respect.

our vision.

We aim to be recognised internationally as a financial consulting company that pushes the status quo and achieves the impossible for clients’ organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Our vision is to improve perceptions around finance outsourcing in the sub-region and around the world. 

our mission.

Our mission is to ensure that every client who places their company’s financial dreams in our hands achieves their strategic targets.

the Problem.

Corporate entities are struggling under current national and global economic systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant global financial crisis, which has claimed victims from all classes. According to the World Bank, over forty million Africans have been forced into extreme poverty since 2020. Sub-saharan Africa was severely hit. For example, during the pandemic, six retail enterprises in Senegal with 10 employees reported a drop in sales ranging from 10 per cent to 100 per cent in one week. While Ghana’s government launched the National COVID-19 Fund and imposed a two per cent levy on its residents, many enterprises are yet to see or enjoy any relief from their pandemic-related shocks. 

The pandemic led to high inflation rates, credit crunches, currency devaluations, rise in prices, scarce fiscal sources, fuel shortages, and attendant challenges that have squeezed individuals and businesses into tight corners. Many declared bankruptcy or folded without robust, regulatory, social safety nets for SMEs to fall back on. 


A World Bank short-term impact analysis of the pandemic revealed that where these programmes were implemented, SMEs and companies in LMICs or MICs were often limited in their capacity to access them. This was partly due to a lack of information access and a poor design/target of information. According to that study, 71 per cent of firms in LMICs reported a lack of awareness as the main obstacle to accessing those social programmes. 

To stay afloat, these enterprises will require sound strategies to raise revenue, modernise, and streamline business systems and processes to respond to the times. We assist enterprises in benefiting from better financial and accounting design and direction by furnishing them with the requisite expertise to establish robust internal controls that support resource management for heightened operational efficiency. 

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